Friday, March 11, 2016


What I thought was going to be a nice and yummy dinner for when Brad got home last night did not turn out that nice..still yummy though. I had started dinner about a half hour before Brad got home so it would be ready by the time he got here..well for starters it took a lot longer than I had expected and I learned that shallots are basically onions cause they burned my eyes while cutting them lol then while I was making the garlic cream sauce, while I was putting the butter in after removing the pan from the heat the sauce splashed on my fingers which slightly burned a bit but wasn't too bad..but then after I put the chicken in the skillet to go into the oven I kept thinking it was so weird that I was putting a pan in the oven that's used for the stove but whatever cause that's what the recipe says..after 10 mins I took it out of the 375 degree oven with oven mits and put it on the stove to cook some more. I had gotten some things out of the fridge after taking the pan out and I went over to the pan to move the handle so it wasn't facing outwards and I forgot I had just taken it out of the oven and I completely gripped the handle with my right hand...I'm not one to cuss but one did slip after that😳 I had a pair of tongs in my other hand and I threw them down because my right hand hurt so much by this time. Brad didn't know what happened so he came over to me in the kitchen and I just had my arms crossed cause I was too nervous to look at my hand and I just started crying and I showed him my hand and by this time it was bright red and you could see the outline of where I grabbed the handle and it was burning so badly by this time. He made me go sit down and put a cold rag on it while he finished making dinner. He even had to cut up my chicken for me cause I couldn't hold utensils in both hands lol he even did the dishes after dinner!...maybe I should hurt myself more often cooking.. Haha kidding but he was really sweet about it :) AND our 2 month anniversary was on Wednesday and we saw Zootopia and it was amazing!! If you haven't seen it, seriously go see it! That was the biggest highlight of this week, me burning my hand haha as of today it just has a plasticy look and feel to it so hopefully it'll be back to normal in a couple days! 

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