Friday, March 11, 2016


What I thought was going to be a nice and yummy dinner for when Brad got home last night did not turn out that nice..still yummy though. I had started dinner about a half hour before Brad got home so it would be ready by the time he got here..well for starters it took a lot longer than I had expected and I learned that shallots are basically onions cause they burned my eyes while cutting them lol then while I was making the garlic cream sauce, while I was putting the butter in after removing the pan from the heat the sauce splashed on my fingers which slightly burned a bit but wasn't too bad..but then after I put the chicken in the skillet to go into the oven I kept thinking it was so weird that I was putting a pan in the oven that's used for the stove but whatever cause that's what the recipe says..after 10 mins I took it out of the 375 degree oven with oven mits and put it on the stove to cook some more. I had gotten some things out of the fridge after taking the pan out and I went over to the pan to move the handle so it wasn't facing outwards and I forgot I had just taken it out of the oven and I completely gripped the handle with my right hand...I'm not one to cuss but one did slip after that­čś│ I had a pair of tongs in my other hand and I threw them down because my right hand hurt so much by this time. Brad didn't know what happened so he came over to me in the kitchen and I just had my arms crossed cause I was too nervous to look at my hand and I just started crying and I showed him my hand and by this time it was bright red and you could see the outline of where I grabbed the handle and it was burning so badly by this time. He made me go sit down and put a cold rag on it while he finished making dinner. He even had to cut up my chicken for me cause I couldn't hold utensils in both hands lol he even did the dishes after dinner!...maybe I should hurt myself more often cooking.. Haha kidding but he was really sweet about it :) AND our 2 month anniversary was on Wednesday and we saw Zootopia and it was amazing!! If you haven't seen it, seriously go see it! That was the biggest highlight of this week, me burning my hand haha as of today it just has a plasticy look and feel to it so hopefully it'll be back to normal in a couple days! 

Monday, February 29, 2016


This weekend was a really great one! Saturday morning started out with one of my friends bridal showers and that was the first one I had been to since my own back in November. I honestly thought I would be a little sad because I thought it would hit me that our wedding really is over, but actually I wasn't sad at all! It was so much fun to celebrate her and to see how happy she was for her shower! It was a really great time and it was even better to see some of my friends from the singles ward! It was super funny because she had gotten a lot of "nightwear" hahaha After the bridal shower I went home to make some yummy donuts for my Aunt's birthday. When the donuts were finished we made our way over to my Aunt's house for a family get together because my cousin and her new baby were in town from Kentucky! Her name is Odelia and she is only 3 months old!! So many family stories were passed around and I love hearing the stories of when my Dad was younger and the things that his siblings and he did. For instance, one of my favorite stories was when my Dad's twin sister (Diane) was going to tell their Mom that her younger sister (Janet) was still awake when she wasn't suppose to be and Janet was looking around trying to see where Diane was while backing into the bathroom to use the toilet but couldn't see Diane to see if she was telling on her or not. By the time she sat down she heard a loud scream and Diane pushed her off. Janet had pulled down her pants to use the toilet but Diane was on the toilet going to the bathroom in the dark and Janet had sat on her lap!! They both got in trouble for still being awake haha Another funny one with 2 of my cousins was when Luke and Sarah were playing the game Life and Luke had super glued the spinner to the board so it would stay on and then he sneakily put superglue on Sarah's toes so they all stuck together! Let me tell you, I had a mean brother too, but surprisingly he never went as far as super gluing my toes together!! Saturday night came to an end and Sunday rolled around and we went to church at 10am like every Sunday and later we went over to Brad's parents for dinner where we had lasagna. After dinner we played pictionary and it was my first time playing and I sure was in for a surprise! Brad's mom (Carolyn) and his younger sister (Emmie) were on a team, his Dad (West) and his younger brother (Dylan) were on a team and then Brad and I were on a team. Supposedly, the funniest picture of the night was when I got the word water and it was my turn to draw and for some reason my mind drew a blank so all I could think of to draw was a water bottle. I figured that Brad would know what it was since we drink water bottles all the time. I was far from being right about that. Emmie and Carolyn were turning bright red from laughing at me so much! Brad did end up guessing it at the very last second..almost literally and he gave me so much crap about trying to draw a water bottle for water..I guess drawing a river or lake or something would have been a better choice but hey, my brain doesn't think that cleverly that fast ;)

                                                              Laurie's bridal shower!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Today sure has been a busy day! I started it out by going to my parents house and riding with one of the ladies who boards her horse at their house, her name is Camille along with her daughter, Paige. It was my first time seeing Paige ride on the horse that they are going to lease named Belle and she is the cutest little rider! After I finished riding with them, I worked on cleaning my old room out some more and then headed over to Brad's parents rental house. When I had gotten there, what I found should not have been a surprise, but Brad had smeared his blood under his eyes in a line like the indians did in the old days and he said he did it so he looked like a real indian since he is Navajo…anyways, Brad and his Dad had pulled up the tile in the laundry room with the chipper which that alone had taken them an hour or two. There was still the bathroom, kitchen, and 2 hallways to do! It took the entire day to get that tile up! Brad and his Dad would switch off on the chipper and when Brad wasn't using it he was using the sledge hammer to break apart the tile. Then Dylan (Brad's younger brother) and I were using regular hammers to try to break it apart. Oh man, all of our hands were hurting! I had to leave early and they were all still working but they finished chipping all the tile up 2 1/2 hours after I left! There is still a lot more to do in the weeks to come! Brad's cute family did give us a Valentine's gift of Nutty Bars, Reese's, Fun Dip, a candle, 2 cookies from Paradise Bakery and some cute heart cutouts that his little sister wrote on. :) It has been a long, tiring but successful day! We'll see what Valentines Day tomorrow has in store!

                                                            Tucker was eating my hair!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Yesterday was our one month anniversary of being married! The real fun part about yesterday though, was that it was also our 2 year anniversary of the day we met!! On February 9, 2014 we were each going to church just like every other Sunday but this Sunday Brad decided to come to the singles ward to visit one of his mission buddies and this day he was passing the sacrament and I remember when he came to my row that I thought he was so cute and I hadn't ever seen him before! After Sacrament meeting was over we continued on with our classes and then I saw him again after church talking with some of my friends and when he went into a room to talk to one of the counselors I asked who he was and one of my friends was like "That's Brad, he just got home from his mission!" I didn't know until that moment that I was like most other LDS girls and when you hear that your heart just melts! :p When he came out I introduced myself and accidentally assumed he was mexican because he could speak spanish..that was one of the first things that I said to him. Turns out that he wasn't mexican, he just went to Mexico on his mission and that's why he could speak spanish. I probably should have asked where he served first rather than assuming he was mexican because he could speak spanish but hey look at us now it worked out! ;) Anyways, I went and sat on the couch in the hallway of the building and he came and sat down next to me and right then I knew he was interested in me too :) We sat and talked for nearly 2 hours and we had just met! Afterwards he had asked for my number and I went to hug him but apparently (I never noticed this) he stuck out his hand for a handshake because he was still in missionary mode but I never saw his hand so I just hugged him and it was really awkward for him! Come on though, you don't ask for a girl's phone number and then just go for a handshake! So the week went on and we went country swing dancing 3 days after meeting and there we had slow danced to the song Carolina by Parmalee and I knew then that there was something about this guy. I didn't know for sure yet if he was the one I was going to marry but I did have a feeling close to that. While dancing I stood on his shoes like a little girl does with their Dad and we sung the song to each other! Then 23 months later that was our first dance song at our wedding :) Then just one week after meeting, he introduced me to his family! After only one week of meeting each other! That was another sign that he could be the one right there and another week after that he asked me to be his girlfriend :)

Last night we went on a date to Applebees for our 1 month anniversary and afterwards we went to Target but on the way back walking to my car, we noticed a wallet sitting on the wall and no one around; so being the good citizens that we are, we tried looking inside to find an ID and to our surprise it was a korean green card! That was the only ID she had in there and of course neither one of us can read korean so we went into Ross which was the closest store and looked for anyone that could possibly look korean. We found two ladies and Brad walks up to them and holds the ID up and looks at them to see if it was one of them and that's when we found out they weren't korean but japanese and that was awkward haha so we walked around looking for anyone who looked japanese or korean because it's not like we could tell the difference between the two! We didn't end up finding any koreans just japanese. So we called the police so they would be able to locate her, but when the officer came to retrieve the wallet the look on his face when we told him it was all in korean was priceless! Our night turned into something a lot more interesting than we expected!
Our first ever picture together when we went country dancing :)
January 9, 2016
1 month anniversary of being married!

Monday, February 8, 2016


Saturday we went to supercross for my first time ever and Brad's like 10th time :p Let me tell you I was not prepared for the smell of the mixed fuel as soon as we walked in it was almost nauseating! After making our way through the stadium we made it to the pits where all the riders were! We saw some of the big name riders like Ryan Dungy, Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen and Brad's favorite this year; Davi Millsaps who won his heat race! Brad was so happy to have met him and to get his autograph on his shirt! Then came the main event for the 250SX it was neck and neck between Cooper Webb and Chrsitian Craig for most of the race until one of the laps they went into the 3rd turn next to each other, Cooper having the inside going to the pass for 1st and went loose on a burm and fell over! Luckily, the two of them had such a big lead on third that Cooper was able to get his bike up in time and still continue in second until the finish. That was the most intense race of the entire night! They also had the little kids racing which was the cutest thing to watch! If you haven't ever had the chance to go to supercross, go! It is so much fun as long as you're okay with paying for overpriced food, large crowds, and the smell of mixed fuel, it is your place to be! Really though it is a great time! Then came Sunday and everyone knew what this past Sunday was! It was the Superbowl!! We really didn't care which team won because neither of them were the Cardinals but it was still a good game and a fun time none the less :)
                        Brad getting his shirt signed my Davi Millsaps before he won his heat!

 Wearing this headset looked completely goofy but this was a 360 virtual rally car ride and we had never experienced anything like it before but it was so much fun!

Ending the night with the superbowl and some cuddles :)

Friday, January 29, 2016


Sunday morning we woke up pretty early cause we didn't sleep much the night before..not for reasons your thinking either. It is so weird to sleep in the same bed with someone else that you never have before! With all the snoring, hogging of blankets, fan blasting, kicking..its something that takes time for anyone to adjust to! Plus we were too excited to sleep because we were leaving for our honeymoon! We were on the road at about 10:30 making our way to California. It was a fun drive especially since it was our first real road trip together! We got into California around 4:00 and went straight to our hotel to settle in and then to go out and explore long beach! We saw the Queen Mary, lots of seagulls, a hot sauce shop that had spicy javelina jerky!? What?? I don't know about you but the one time I tried javelina it was a one time thing and it was so gross! After our time shopping and dinner we made it back to our hotel for the night. The next morning we made the mistake of going down stairs for what we thought was a continental breakfast because what hotel doesn't have that!? Well our hotel didn't. We got our plate full of breakfast and sat down and then a waiter came over to get us drinks and bring us a check? Yeah, well that breakfast we thought was free was actually $22/person! Ugh so I stuffed some boxes of cereal, a muffin, yogurt and honey into all of my jacket pockets and we were off. Later that day we went on a tour of the Queen Mary which was way cool! Fun fact, the D-Day invasion order was signed on that ship! After our fun tour it was time to get in line to start boarding our cruise ship. The next day we got to Catalina and did a lot of exploring there! It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect! Brad went down on the little beach and picked about 10 pretty seashells for me :) but it wasn't long after that, that a wave came up and soaked his pants up to his knees..apparently I was suppose to be keeping eye out for waves? I didn't know this so I got in trouble for that. We later ate at a snack bar they had in town and they had some amazing fish and chips! We shared some with all the little birds that were surrounding us and they enjoyed it too! We did some more exploring after lunch until it was time for us to go PARASAILING! It was an absolutely breathtaking view up there and so peaceful! It was something I would do again, Brad not so much. He said that its something he can do once in his life and he's good. He's weird. We got back on the boat and settled in for the rest of the night. The next day we were in Ensenada, Mexico! Brad served his 2 year church mission in Mexico so it was a great feeling to him to be back. Plus, he speaks fluent Spanish which was so helpful in a city where majority speaks Spanish! We went to a grocery store in town and got these cupcake like things called peng├╝inos, they're basically the Mexico version of Ho Ho's and they are delicious! Afterwards we got on the boat for our deep sea fishing excursion! I had never been on a fishing boat in the ocean before and it was so much fun! We saw Dolphins, whales and a sea lion! Buut, this STINKIN sea lion was trailing our boat and was taking the fish we had caught on our line! One of the fish that was reeled in was just its head cause the sea lion bit it in half! After that I started not to feel good and I sat down and the tour guide told me to look at the clouds cause they're the only thing not moving and that should make me
feel better..well it didn't. I was over the edge of the boat all the way to my stomach and threw up into the ocean! Brad was worried I would fall out of the boat so he held me by my pants..and there was a seagull trailing us and eating what I was putting into the water. So gross and of course Brad had to snap a picture of my finest moment I was having...2 hours later our excursion was over and I had never been happier to be on dry, not moving land!! Since we were in Mexico we did what anyone would do there and that is to get authentic tacos!! Cause they're only authentic if they come from Mexico of course! Man oh man were those some good tacos! We did some more shopping in town and then made our way back to the boat. The next day was a day at sea..they weren't kidding when saying this. We literally stayed in one spot almost the entire day in the middle of the ocean just floating! Not even moving! We just sat at sea for a whole day. The day we got back to long beach we thought was going to be such a good day because we would get off the boat and go to knotts berry farm. Well, it didn't exactly start out that simple. We were packing up all our stuff in our room getting ready to head downstairs when I asked brad if he had the car keys..that's where it all started. He didn't have them, I didn't have them, security downstairs didn't have them so who did!? After almost an hour and a half of searching some cruise employee had them in her office on her desk the whole week without turning them into lost and found! Like what, who does that!? We did end up getting the car keys and saving $120 for a key maker to come out. We got in the car and then we were able to make our way to Knott Berry Farm! If you haven't ever been to that park, go, seriously right now go! There is this one ride there that's called the xcelerator and it goes from 0-80 mph in 2.3 seconds! It then takes you straight up into the air and does a slight spiral on the way down talk about a thrill ride! It was so much fun and definitely our favorite ride of the park! After spending the whole day at the park we were ready to make our 6 hour journey home..but it actually turned into a 8 hour journey home because of California traffic. We made it home at 1am and were so happy to be in our own place that we now call home together :)


January 9, 2016 was the best day ever! Everything was perfect from the decorations for the ceremony, my bouquet, the bridesmaid dresses, Brad and my matching shoes, my dress, pictures and the reception! Here are just a few from that day :)