Monday, February 29, 2016


This weekend was a really great one! Saturday morning started out with one of my friends bridal showers and that was the first one I had been to since my own back in November. I honestly thought I would be a little sad because I thought it would hit me that our wedding really is over, but actually I wasn't sad at all! It was so much fun to celebrate her and to see how happy she was for her shower! It was a really great time and it was even better to see some of my friends from the singles ward! It was super funny because she had gotten a lot of "nightwear" hahaha After the bridal shower I went home to make some yummy donuts for my Aunt's birthday. When the donuts were finished we made our way over to my Aunt's house for a family get together because my cousin and her new baby were in town from Kentucky! Her name is Odelia and she is only 3 months old!! So many family stories were passed around and I love hearing the stories of when my Dad was younger and the things that his siblings and he did. For instance, one of my favorite stories was when my Dad's twin sister (Diane) was going to tell their Mom that her younger sister (Janet) was still awake when she wasn't suppose to be and Janet was looking around trying to see where Diane was while backing into the bathroom to use the toilet but couldn't see Diane to see if she was telling on her or not. By the time she sat down she heard a loud scream and Diane pushed her off. Janet had pulled down her pants to use the toilet but Diane was on the toilet going to the bathroom in the dark and Janet had sat on her lap!! They both got in trouble for still being awake haha Another funny one with 2 of my cousins was when Luke and Sarah were playing the game Life and Luke had super glued the spinner to the board so it would stay on and then he sneakily put superglue on Sarah's toes so they all stuck together! Let me tell you, I had a mean brother too, but surprisingly he never went as far as super gluing my toes together!! Saturday night came to an end and Sunday rolled around and we went to church at 10am like every Sunday and later we went over to Brad's parents for dinner where we had lasagna. After dinner we played pictionary and it was my first time playing and I sure was in for a surprise! Brad's mom (Carolyn) and his younger sister (Emmie) were on a team, his Dad (West) and his younger brother (Dylan) were on a team and then Brad and I were on a team. Supposedly, the funniest picture of the night was when I got the word water and it was my turn to draw and for some reason my mind drew a blank so all I could think of to draw was a water bottle. I figured that Brad would know what it was since we drink water bottles all the time. I was far from being right about that. Emmie and Carolyn were turning bright red from laughing at me so much! Brad did end up guessing it at the very last second..almost literally and he gave me so much crap about trying to draw a water bottle for water..I guess drawing a river or lake or something would have been a better choice but hey, my brain doesn't think that cleverly that fast ;)

                                                              Laurie's bridal shower!

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