Saturday, February 13, 2016


Today sure has been a busy day! I started it out by going to my parents house and riding with one of the ladies who boards her horse at their house, her name is Camille along with her daughter, Paige. It was my first time seeing Paige ride on the horse that they are going to lease named Belle and she is the cutest little rider! After I finished riding with them, I worked on cleaning my old room out some more and then headed over to Brad's parents rental house. When I had gotten there, what I found should not have been a surprise, but Brad had smeared his blood under his eyes in a line like the indians did in the old days and he said he did it so he looked like a real indian since he is Navajo…anyways, Brad and his Dad had pulled up the tile in the laundry room with the chipper which that alone had taken them an hour or two. There was still the bathroom, kitchen, and 2 hallways to do! It took the entire day to get that tile up! Brad and his Dad would switch off on the chipper and when Brad wasn't using it he was using the sledge hammer to break apart the tile. Then Dylan (Brad's younger brother) and I were using regular hammers to try to break it apart. Oh man, all of our hands were hurting! I had to leave early and they were all still working but they finished chipping all the tile up 2 1/2 hours after I left! There is still a lot more to do in the weeks to come! Brad's cute family did give us a Valentine's gift of Nutty Bars, Reese's, Fun Dip, a candle, 2 cookies from Paradise Bakery and some cute heart cutouts that his little sister wrote on. :) It has been a long, tiring but successful day! We'll see what Valentines Day tomorrow has in store!

                                                            Tucker was eating my hair!

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