Monday, February 8, 2016


Saturday we went to supercross for my first time ever and Brad's like 10th time :p Let me tell you I was not prepared for the smell of the mixed fuel as soon as we walked in it was almost nauseating! After making our way through the stadium we made it to the pits where all the riders were! We saw some of the big name riders like Ryan Dungy, Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen and Brad's favorite this year; Davi Millsaps who won his heat race! Brad was so happy to have met him and to get his autograph on his shirt! Then came the main event for the 250SX it was neck and neck between Cooper Webb and Chrsitian Craig for most of the race until one of the laps they went into the 3rd turn next to each other, Cooper having the inside going to the pass for 1st and went loose on a burm and fell over! Luckily, the two of them had such a big lead on third that Cooper was able to get his bike up in time and still continue in second until the finish. That was the most intense race of the entire night! They also had the little kids racing which was the cutest thing to watch! If you haven't ever had the chance to go to supercross, go! It is so much fun as long as you're okay with paying for overpriced food, large crowds, and the smell of mixed fuel, it is your place to be! Really though it is a great time! Then came Sunday and everyone knew what this past Sunday was! It was the Superbowl!! We really didn't care which team won because neither of them were the Cardinals but it was still a good game and a fun time none the less :)
                        Brad getting his shirt signed my Davi Millsaps before he won his heat!

 Wearing this headset looked completely goofy but this was a 360 virtual rally car ride and we had never experienced anything like it before but it was so much fun!

Ending the night with the superbowl and some cuddles :)

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