Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Yesterday was our one month anniversary of being married! The real fun part about yesterday though, was that it was also our 2 year anniversary of the day we met!! On February 9, 2014 we were each going to church just like every other Sunday but this Sunday Brad decided to come to the singles ward to visit one of his mission buddies and this day he was passing the sacrament and I remember when he came to my row that I thought he was so cute and I hadn't ever seen him before! After Sacrament meeting was over we continued on with our classes and then I saw him again after church talking with some of my friends and when he went into a room to talk to one of the counselors I asked who he was and one of my friends was like "That's Brad, he just got home from his mission!" I didn't know until that moment that I was like most other LDS girls and when you hear that your heart just melts! :p When he came out I introduced myself and accidentally assumed he was mexican because he could speak spanish..that was one of the first things that I said to him. Turns out that he wasn't mexican, he just went to Mexico on his mission and that's why he could speak spanish. I probably should have asked where he served first rather than assuming he was mexican because he could speak spanish but hey look at us now it worked out! ;) Anyways, I went and sat on the couch in the hallway of the building and he came and sat down next to me and right then I knew he was interested in me too :) We sat and talked for nearly 2 hours and we had just met! Afterwards he had asked for my number and I went to hug him but apparently (I never noticed this) he stuck out his hand for a handshake because he was still in missionary mode but I never saw his hand so I just hugged him and it was really awkward for him! Come on though, you don't ask for a girl's phone number and then just go for a handshake! So the week went on and we went country swing dancing 3 days after meeting and there we had slow danced to the song Carolina by Parmalee and I knew then that there was something about this guy. I didn't know for sure yet if he was the one I was going to marry but I did have a feeling close to that. While dancing I stood on his shoes like a little girl does with their Dad and we sung the song to each other! Then 23 months later that was our first dance song at our wedding :) Then just one week after meeting, he introduced me to his family! After only one week of meeting each other! That was another sign that he could be the one right there and another week after that he asked me to be his girlfriend :)

Last night we went on a date to Applebees for our 1 month anniversary and afterwards we went to Target but on the way back walking to my car, we noticed a wallet sitting on the wall and no one around; so being the good citizens that we are, we tried looking inside to find an ID and to our surprise it was a korean green card! That was the only ID she had in there and of course neither one of us can read korean so we went into Ross which was the closest store and looked for anyone that could possibly look korean. We found two ladies and Brad walks up to them and holds the ID up and looks at them to see if it was one of them and that's when we found out they weren't korean but japanese and that was awkward haha so we walked around looking for anyone who looked japanese or korean because it's not like we could tell the difference between the two! We didn't end up finding any koreans just japanese. So we called the police so they would be able to locate her, but when the officer came to retrieve the wallet the look on his face when we told him it was all in korean was priceless! Our night turned into something a lot more interesting than we expected!
Our first ever picture together when we went country dancing :)
January 9, 2016
1 month anniversary of being married!

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